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I placed an order in June with Unique School Apparel and school has started and it is the middle of August and I still have not received my uniforms.The company has not given an ETA and does not want to give me a refund or discount for the inconvience.

I have called them several times and they tell me that they will be in by a the end of the week, and they don't come in. Address: 2275 Third Street, PO BOX 35 New York, NY 10037. Do not shop there.

I would advise all schools not to use them for a vendor.This is a new company that cannot handle the capacity of a large order.

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I dont like this company I ordered uniforms from them on august 2012 and I wouldnt have minded if it were late but at least have gotten it, but nope I did not only not get the uniform, they changed the number and moved :? and I lost 89 dollars to them.

what a shame... I would have liked to get what I paid for.


This pass Saturday September 2nd 2012 I was supposed to pick up my uniforms but my husband arranged with the owner to pick up the uniforms on Friday September 1st 2012 since we could not pick them up on Saturday September 2nd.When we picked up our order on September 1st 2012 we did not receive everything we ordered.

There were uniforms missing. They promised that they would have the rest of the uniforms ready for Tuesday September 4th. When i tried to pick the rest of my order up yesterday Tuesday September 4th they did not have the rest of my order and tried to give me other uniforms that i did not order. They tried to give me uniforms in the incorrect size and did not apologize for not having what I ordered.

They even started arguing amongst themselves about who promised the rest of my order. Then they simply told me they did not have what I ordered and there was nothing they could do. I asked them to call the owner and they refused. I still do not have all of my order which I paid for in full.

They still have my money and are not offering a refund.At this point I need help to get my missing items, because I don't think they will give them to me.


he staff at Unique School Apparel are very rude and unprofessional.The phone is always busy or it rings continuously with no one answering it.

Their uniforms are over priced and poor in quality. They have a very limited selection on sizes. The owner is always no where to be found so you can't complain to him about his staff and the way customers are treated. I spent almost $500 dollars on uniforms, and when I finally did get someone on the phone I was spoken to very rudely and even yelled at by a woman named Leticia who pretended to be a manager.

She was upset because I wanted an answer as to why they never pick up their phones. I was told that she has over 2000 parents calling and is simply too busy to answer all the calls. So I asked why would they take the business of 2000 parents if they don't have the resources to cover that amount of clientele. That made her very angry and I was told off before being hung up on.

I will never buy any uniforms from them again. I don't even want the uniforms I ordered. I went down to their show room to speak with this woman in person. She yelled at me in front of my children and she threatened to hold my uniforms and not give them to me.

She also lied to her manager the owner who was on the phone and not present. She refused to let me speak with him.

After all the arguing she only calmed down after I called my children's school to complain.Then her attitude changed and she became more helpful and...

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